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Jan 04, Somia rated it liked it. A Comfy 3. Both Lainey and Nick worked as characters and had me rooting for them.

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Nick was everything the odious Chip wasn't. Wished there had been a tad more fluidity in the timeline, and somethings need to be teased out a bit more, but this introduction to the author will have me reading more. This story takes place along side The Charlotte Chronicles and I really enjoyed getting both sides to certain situations.

Full review to follow. Oct 24, Talia Red Hot Ink rated it it was amazing. I have no idea how this landed on my Kindle, whether I accidentally bought it, whehter someone sent it to me, I don't know. I just turned my kindle on one day and there this book was. So thank you, my lucky star. I looooved this book. At first I believed it would just be the usual sportsromance and single mother trope, but with its longish time span covered and the characters meeting again it became something more. The characters were great too. Nick was simply Like, Sooo Like, literally, where can I buy one?

I need it in my life. And Laney, she was a realist. I liked how she put her kid in front of her own, even when it meant having to say no to happiness. Together, they had the kind of chemistry I always look for in this type or romance, but also with the extra sprinkle of sweetness added by Cassidy, Laney's daughter, and her relationship with Nick. I would absolutely recommend this book and would just like to add that the pace of the story was different from the usual.

Most of the angst is concentrated on the first part of the book, while the second half I would say is more soothing and calm, which I highly enjoyed. Spoilers ahead, 2.

In her misguided attempt to get someone to love her she had sex with Chris and he gives her drugs and alcohol and shares her with his friends. He takes pictures of the incident.

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When Lainie ends up pregnant Chris offers her money for an abortion but she kept the baby. Chris is forced to help her get a job but he's horrid to her. She meets Nick and Charlotte who befriend her. Chris is unhappy that Lainie i Spoilers ahead, 2. Chris is unhappy that Lainie is around however and he attacks her and offers her money to leave. Even though she'd developed feelings for Nich she leaves without a word. Two years later she stumbles across Charlotte who convinces her to return. This time she and Nick start a relationship but Chris refuses to let sleeping dogs lie.

Nick was attracted to Lainie from the beginning, Charlotte warns him she's not one to play with so he backs off until months later he finally decides to try with Lainie.

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Unfortunately she disappears. Though they try to find her they don't and Nick throws himself into football and women until it stops working for him. When Lainie comes back to town nothing is going to stand in Nick's way of getting his little family this time. I liked parts of this story and not others, I understood Lainie's reasons for putting up with Chris's bs but it was tough to see the things he did to her.

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He had the pictures and was quite willing to blackmail her and she went through hell with that pos I was never more happy to see someone get shot! I didn't like the 2 year separation which allowed Nick to have sex with OW. I couldn't fault him as they weren't together and she did disappear without a word but I still didn't like it. I just barely liked the mcs and didn't really feel the connection between them as I know this author can deliver. Cassidy was a sweetheart and I liked her relationship with Nick.

OM drama out the wazoo The epilogue was all the damn things!!!!!!! Oct 05, Harim The Reader Blog rated it did not like it. I am angry.

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Beyond anything I am angry. How could u write such an amazing blurb and then the book is beyond fkd up and not even proof read. I can't believe this is the same author that wrote Want You. Honestly it has the potential to be amazing and so good but it badly badly badly BADLY needs editing. Cassidy is often Charlie and Lainey.

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Sometimes Lainey is written as Cass. And the fact that the whole baby thing was done so weirdly.. Babies like really two year old okay she described her as I am angry. Babies like really two year old okay she described her as a baby and the kid would talk like a frigging adult. Not the best way to have the reader imagine all the adorablitiy I couldn't even get into it and the baby is the entire reason I got this book.

I just wished she had made Cass into a baby. Crawling kind. That didn't speak because God knows I was so excited to get this book and the blurb is so good it's just a frigging disaster. I regret coming across this truly just wasted my time. Oct 14, Cocktails and Books rated it liked it Shelves: reading-challenge , contemporary-romance. Full review to come. Cute, angsty love story with a hot ass football player and a crazy one sprinkled in. Tough girl.

I enjoyed this book. I'm a big fan.

She Used To Be Mine - Sara Bareilles -

The reason for not being a 5 star, the editing. I hope she is working on an update. This book was so good even with the mess ups but would have been perfect without them. To me they weren't huge, but distracting, for me it messed up the flow. Dec 11, Kassiah rated it it was ok Shelves: adult , pub Lainey hasn't had the best of luck in life--she got pregnant at the age of 17 by literally a monster who wanted nothing to do with her or the baby.

She hasn't had a great support system, and girl really could use a break. When he meets waitress Lainey and her adorable two year old, Cass, he's immediately thunderstruck and knows he wants a future with the young single mom. Lainey's 2 stars. Lainey's sworn off all athletes and Nick isn't sure he's ready to settle down.

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