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With deepest sympathy, Ruth. Dear Friends, I was sad to hear of Elsie's passing. I have so many memories of our days on Floral St. Endless monopoly games, ghost stories etc on your sunporch and always Elsie keeping us well supplied with her homebaked goodies. Best Wishes, Vivian.

Connie, I am so sorry to hear of your Mother's passing. I have many fond memories of going to your house after school, while we were growing up.


Your Mother was always so kind and friendly. Please express my sympathy to your family. Home Obituaries Elsie G. Foster Obituary. Guest Book. Not sure what to say? May God bless you and your May your hearts soon be filled May the love of friends and As the days and weeks pass, and In loving memory of a wonderful Grief can be so hard, but our Virgin Islands U.

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Guest Post: An Outsider Reads Elsie Dinsmore, Part III

Elsie's Kith and Kin. I look forward now to using that fabric in the near furture. I found out that I really like the flexibility and speed of foam stamping too. Seven scholarships are given to students with a theme that they need to interpert.

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This year the theme was Layers of Leather. The approaches were all different and the students were there to explain their work. Then there were also some interesting things going on in a hall display as well. The second mini show was of wearable art that was all lazer cut polor fleece.

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  • Valerie Goodwin my teacher at QBL had talked about this process in my class and I was delighted to see a second example of the process. Once I heard that one should make art to be seen on two levels- from a distance and then drawing the viewer in to take a second look. I think this series does a good job doing just that. I think I may apply this idea to a quilt top in the furture. I think I will add some more browns to the mix and then begin to build the work.

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    It is moving forward now and although I only seem to get five blocks done a day I am making progress. I also remember my first feeling of wholeness as I let go into savasana for the first time, I believe because I released into my breath for the first time. The breath has particularly played a ginormous part in staying sane after the birth of Mae and becoming a Mama of two, through three pretty powerful experiences with pain and discomfort during labor, when my sacrum went out 2 weeks after birth and when my impacted wisdom tooth got infected.

    The breath just came to my aid recently, not regarding to pain this time, but anxiety You can hear how the breath helped me come back from an almost full blow anxiety attack! Here are a few other things covered and mentioned in this special breathing class episode: What I'm doing about my Anusara Yoga Inspired status given the recent goings on. The why behind my choice: Courage, Prayer and Action One of the most courageous human beings I know, Beth Morey, and the reason this episode is dedicated to her daughter Eve.

    There is no yoga jargon, and no fancy pants pranayama. The practice is meant to be the first step you take into the power of your own breath.

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    This is a breathing practice for beginners The breathing practice focuses primarily on cultivating your own natural breath, by discovering it's movement within your body. If you feel like you are anxious, fearful, disconnected, or tired, give this practice a go. If you are someone that has never done any kind of breath practice or have never paid attention to your breath and how it affects your health, this is the practice for you!

    Go ahead, practice! You won't regret it. There is a 9 min introduction to the episode as well as news and sponsors There is a 5 minute intro to the breathing practice itself There is a 20 minute breathing practice I would simply adore to hear how this practice works for you! I've been at home A LOT lately. My body has gone through a pretty massive transformation since giving birth, as it should, since it facilitaded an entire new human being to come out! My goodness does that still keep me in awe. It floors me when I think of what this body is capable of. If something is magical, it's our bodies : I'm also keenly aware that as magical and intuitive as it is it MUST be nurtured.

    Thank God my parents were here visiting at that time. I could barely get out of bed, let alone pick up my infant daughter! It was rough. No amount of yoga therapy instantanously 'healed' me. In fact, the simple act of sitting and standing was excruciating. It was then that I learned, um RE-learned that yoga is not about the poses. The gifts that yoga has given me have nothing to do with the poses, but with the simple and all powerful discovery of being, breathing and feeling.

    This discovery comes from the un-abiding choice recognize and honor Home.

    What is Home? Have you heard "Home is where the heart is? Yoga didn't give me extra super powers. Yoga hasn't made my life any easier. I still have to address important issues, deal with stress, navigate financial woes, and experience physical pain! That is sucky : But, the practice of yoga facilitated my recognition of Home aka my Heart, and when that happens living becomes simpler, still challenging, still unpredictable, still difficult, but simple.

    It seems contradictory huh?

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    And therein lies the magic ; The practice of Home, developing a yoga practice at home, sustaining a yoga practice at home begins in the Heart. Are you up for that? Practice along : or even simply listen along. Let me know if Home became clearer to you and in what ways? I'd love to hear from you! Sign up for my Newsletter :. I know there are some of you still in the midst of Winter.

    Maybe your winter has been going on for so long you're not sure how to deal with it or if you can deal with it. Winter, or at least the qualities of winter, the darkness in particular, that darkness that forces you to remain inward, to cover yourself, and to slow down is great in little bits but when it's prolonged it can get challenging.

    Elsie III Elsie III
    Elsie III Elsie III
    Elsie III Elsie III
    Elsie III Elsie III
    Elsie III Elsie III

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