Getting Laid at the Airport (Gay MM Erotica)

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Definitely the city's largest and most popular bathhouse, Steamworks is a men's only spot at Church Street complete with wet and dry sauna's, a massive hot tub, a smaller hot tub if the big one intimidates you, two shower rooms - both of which are completely transparent, so get ready to put on a show.

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There are a couple dark rooms, maze situations, glory holes, a porn lounge, DJs playing deep, dark intercourse inducing beats and urinals with transparent walls. The crowd is relatively diverse and here is where you'll see body-ody-odies. Everything from daddies, buff gym rats, people of colour, femme queens, butch jocks, otters, twinks, tunks, older men and couples roam the halls looking for dick.

There are also large, extra large and extremely large room rental options if you need more room to romp. Expect wait times during pride and a lack of room rentals on long weekends, which are always super popular.

Modelled after European bathhouses, Spa Xcess at Carlton Street is tucked away behind some sleek wooden doors at street level. It's known as the Bathhouse for a slightly older set and is also super popular with the Asian crowd. We're not sure why, but it's a thing. This bathhouse has an adorable hot tub space with palm trees and TVs playing porn that hard to leave. There's a wet sauna and a small dry sauna. Besides that, the most popular zones are the second-floor maze, complete with a glory hole stage, a cushioned porn area with multi-layered benches, windowed shower zone and loads of lockers and rooms.

So many lockers. What sets this bathhouse apart is the bar and lounge when you first arrive. They have a fully licensed bar and lounge to hang out in your towel for some liquid courage, or a post-romp cocktail if you really hit it off with someone. Students get in for half price during the week and weekends. Because it's just a minute outside the village, there are rarely wait times to get in, and weekends are most definitely the popular time. Oasis Aqualounge at Mutual Street has a long history in the city.

The mansion used to be Club Toronto, a men's bathhouse that was one of the spots Police raided in the infamous Bathhouse Raids on February 5, It was raided by six male police officers in during the all-female Pussy Palace party. Club Toronto closed in in but re-opened in as Oasis Aqualounge as a female-focused, sex-positive paradise. It's a water-themed "adult-playground" with a heated outdoor pool and lounge area, a grotto, lockers, bar and dance area and then multiple floors with sex rooms for group action or more personal play. No one is being judged in the safe space where anything can happen.

It's about coming with a partner and playing around more than roaming the rooms and watching the action, which is happening in every corner of the house. The club is open every day from 11am to 3am, with no new admissions after 2am.

The fellas who ran this place took over ownership and are making it their own. His abs and pecs were well defined, his chest a solid wall of muscle.

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Across his right side was a swirling tattoo of vine leaves and tribal markings surrounding a dagger, and on his left shoulder was a map of the world with parts of it colored blue, red, and green. When the doorbell rang, Eric looked at Mr. Marsh, unsure if he should answer, but the American stepped forward as the waiter wheeled the food cart in and placed the tray on the small table. Marsh signed the account, thanked the waiter, and closed the door. And talk. Wearing nothing but his underwear, he sat at the table and waved at Eric to join him.

In the shower? He gently backed Eric against the tiled wall, where the water splashed over him, and began rubbing shower gel into his shoulders, and then his chest. Not yet, but I will do that later. Instead of that, maybe he ought to think about teasing Ray.

Decide how to make Ray suffer as he was suffering. Eric glanced down. It took effort to force his hands off the wall, where they were pressing against the tiles trying to relieve some of his intense need, and to reach for the shower gel.

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Damn, the man was perfectly built, the ideal figure of a strong and mighty warrior, a man worthy of the attention of the highest in the land, not of a humble travel agent. Yes, it was definitely thicker than before. Apparently the red faded to brown under water. The second he had swallowed Ray all the way down, Ray groaned deeply and Eric had to release him quickly so his cum could shoot down the back of his throat.

Eric stood up and kissed Ray. They were. Maybe even more so. Eric absolutely intended to pay attention and learn how an expert sucked cock, but in ten seconds or less his brain was completely fried with intense lust, his eyes were shut tightly, and he had to pull his knees up tight because they were wobbling with need. Once again his palms were pressed against the shower wall, but this time it was to help keep himself upright rather than to help him behave appropriately.

Ray used both hands on him together, which was enough to make Eric into one large firecracker about to explode everywhere. Ray had a soapy finger twisting and turning inside his ass, a hand wrapped around his cock, and a thumb rolling his foreskin up and down.

It was too much sensation all at once. This is just for starters. They were having orgasms here in the shower and still going to fuck in the bed? Cum shot out of his cock without any hope he could stop it. His body shook in release as Ray milked his cock and then rinsed him clean. Erotic Romance. Mainstream Romance.

See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Sextreme.

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Tyler Robbins, the owner of Gay Travel Inc. Raymond Marsh is sent to China. He longs to move to the land of his mother, America, but first he needs a job. When Tyler asks him to act as a guide for Ray, Eric is determined not to ruin his one big chance. Ray finds Beijing hot and humid but there's an endless array of amazing cultural sites dating back four thousand years to see, plus his rather delicious looking guide. Eric takes Ray to the usual tourist venues.

He does his utmost to be the perfect guide. Wish List In Wish List. Gift Book. Cover Art by Harris Channing. More From Gay Travel Inc.

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Getting Laid at the Airport (Gay MM Erotica)
Getting Laid at the Airport (Gay MM Erotica)
Getting Laid at the Airport (Gay MM Erotica)
Getting Laid at the Airport (Gay MM Erotica)
Getting Laid at the Airport (Gay MM Erotica)
Getting Laid at the Airport (Gay MM Erotica)
Getting Laid at the Airport (Gay MM Erotica)
Getting Laid at the Airport (Gay MM Erotica)

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