Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1)

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Libraries are places of intense identification, but with what? In Cruising the Library , Melissa Adler places the systems and structures of library organizational schemes at the center of the production of gender and sexuality in the United States. For Adler, library shelves are not merely rows of books, but formations that, like other political, social, and economic systems, govern and discipline gendered and sexed ways of being. This disciplining works in two ways: as a classification that groups work according to dominant ideologies of sex and gender, and as a series of controlled terms that reduce the vast complexity of sexual and gendered experience into narratives of the acceptable and unacceptable, the normal and the perverse.

Thus, what might seem to be a value-free and democratic collection and arrangement of books is revealed by Adler as structured by very determinant, even hegemonic, epistemic frames that serve and are reinforced by the state. First, library classification orders books according to discrete categories, and these categories reflect dominant ideologies of sex and gender. One could write many doctoral theses on those four terms and their order alone: men are unmarked while women appear only in relation to men; sexuality is inextricably linked to the family.

And yet, the classification does a kind of useful work in collating like materials so that readers can go to the part of the shelves and find one book about homosexuality and find all other books on homosexuality in the same place. LoC classification usefully groups books about homosexuality in HQ 75— These categories provide access to books on these topics: the researcher interested in sadism will find it useful to go to the shelves and find all those books shelved together.

At the same time, the ordering of those categories shapes the way we understand sexual behavior. Books about heterosexuality and its variations are shelved together in the range HQ 19— The classification reflects a heterosexual orientation to the world, conflating gender identity with sexual behavior while drawing lines between the normal and the different. Libraries also describe materials using controlled vocabulary.

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Controlled vocabularies resolve synonyms on a single term. She was generally soft-spoken but had a kind smile and infectiously girlish laugh that would slowly emerge. During the summer between her sophomore and junior years of high school, she visited the local beaches near her house almost This story is about some fun times me and my partner, William, had a couple of weeks ago. It all started with a bet we had on a football game, I lost the bet and unfortunately had to do a forfeit, chosen by my partner.

He told me he would give it some thought and let me know.

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My girlfriend and I had both been turned on by doing some 'accidental' flashing. We discovered what a thrill it was to have others watch us. She really enjoyed being seen and I would always ask her to leave her bra and panties at home. She found that she liked doing that and she would begin to look for ways to show off. I was always proud because everyone knew that this very sexy woman was This is the first time I have submitted anything like this so please bare with me!

I first got into exhibitionism when I was 18 years old.

Me and my boyfriend at the time were walking back from a night out and feeling frisky, he had been touching and teasing me all night and I was horny as hell. We walked along the pavement down a reasonably busy road past a park which was surrounded by Mandy, my wife and lover is about 5'8", wavy blonde hair, quite slim and very attractive.

Her well defined breasts are a perfect 36c, which I think are just divine, although she will not always readily show off her assets. However ,if the mood is right, she will become more adventurous especially with help from the odd glass of wine. Both Mandy and I get aroused by our exhibitionistic I guide a stranger to the ways of the nude beach, and she guides me in so many other ways.

The day started out like any other day. Well, like any other day in the past few weeks, that is. Normally, I would have gotten up, shaved, showered, and headed off to work.

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Since my firm closed, my days have taken on a monotonous regularity. Get up, It was about 30 seconds between me reaching my desk on Monday and the first shot of my naked pussy arriving in my inbox. Lisa had taken it from behind so that the thin strips of dark blue lace in the crotch-less panties framed my open pussy.

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You could see I was a little turned on, my lips were slightly swollen and a hint of moisture was visible. I felt a stir in my groin, I was learning to I confess. I am an exhibitionist. But, not in the way you would ordinarily think, because I don't like to expose myself, but my wife. I enjoy having my wife seen nude accidentally or otherwise by other men. Oh, and I like to watch her being watched, so I guess I am a voyeur too.

These are not made up stories but just some of the hundreds we have experienced, I hope you will enjoy them, I The next day I came to work with panties on. If I carried on this way I would be a plaything for everyone to use. Maybe I should select just a few of the younger guys to service. I suppose I was He fucked me good, and I gave him a gift for his girlfriend. I also made a stranger's day. It was around ten in the morning, and I was in my bedroom reading a magazine. I was bored, and a little horny.

I was thirty-five years old and married, but my husband was never there when I needed a cock to satisfy my needs. I grabbed my phone and called Sean. Hazel knew it wasn't enough, and wondered if Pat was aware that she, too, was searching for acceptance How strange that the very naturalness of their devotion had turned their parent's adjoining homes into armed enemy camp Hazel still couldn't under stand, her mother's revulsion when she discovered her daughter had a "crush" on the older girl next door.

But the memory of her mother's bitter denunciate of Tommy, and the angry words that ensued between the two families still had the power to tear agonizingly through Hazel's mind. Later Tommy's family had moved away without allowing the girls even to say goodbye. The family pastor had come to pray with Hazel and her parents to exorcise the "wicked and evil" thing that had come into their lives. Perhaps it was that, more than anything else, that had fastened the horrible scars of shame and guilt, across Hazel's heart so that never again could she think of love and tenderness without the dreadful remembered sensation of guilty fear.

If only both sets of parents had been less dramatic about it But their super-dramatics only served to freeze her emotionally into the very pattern her parents feared. And then again, if only they hadn't made. She might have been able, if they'd let her alone, to respond to the attraction he felt for her, and have fallen in love with him. But, inevitably, as soon as her mother knew that Jim was interested, she began her openly obvious campaign to see that Hazel married him. To add to her grief, Tommy had never written since moving: away.

Eventually this apparent betrayal had weighted the scales in favor of Jim. It wasn't until after the wedding that her mother confessed contritely that a number of letters from Tommy had been burned "to save Hazel embarrassment.

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Perhaps it wasn't Jim's fault that he brought none of the tender glory that Hazel had wistfully hoped for to their marriage. Nor that he couldn't understand and was impatient of her lack of response to his rough demands. But by "the time he left for a new duty station two. Nor was it too odd that, left alone most of this first year, she should respond to the questing look in Pat's brown eyes that were so very much like Tommy's.

It wasn't too long before. Pat began coming downstairs at seven to walk home with Hazel after her work was done. Often she would invite the lonely girl in to have coffee or a glass of wine. Pat, raised since babyhood in the downtown hotel, appreciatively drank in the homey atmosphere of the little apartment. Sometimes they went to movies together, and soon, without meaning to, Hazel realized they were spending almost every evening of the week together. There were times when Pat talked of her studies.

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She was majoring in psychology, and Hazel would listen wide-eyed to the amazing knowledge about interesting things that the older girl was acquiring. There were other times when Hazel told Pat haltingly of her life before her marriage to Jim, of the crowded small home across town, of the father who drank too much, and the mother who nagged. But she never mentioned Tommy. One night she did admit, to Pat that her marriage to Jim was not what she had dreamed it would be.

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Slowly, haltingly she recounted the reasons reluctantly, wanting to find excuses for Jim while she talked. I think I've tried," she finished humbly, puzzled at her own defensiveness, feeling disloyal to Jim. Yet she felt, better for having confided in the sympathetic girl. Pat's eyes, were patient and understanding as she touched. Hazel's arm. Lately Pat has seemed protective as well as sympathetic and Hazel had come to depend on seeing her every day. What fun it was to listen to her talk of her travels, or of the books she had reads.

Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1) Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1)
Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1) Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1)
Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1) Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1)
Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1) Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1)
Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1) Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1)
Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1) Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1)
Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1) Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1)
Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1) Library Lesbians (Exhibitionists, Volume 1)

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