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At the sheriff station , Elsa and Emma discover Ingrid wants them to replace the sisters she lost.

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  • Love in Darkness (Shattered Castles, #2) by E.M. Tippetts;

Rushing in, Belle informs them of Ingrid's desire to cast the spell of shattered sight so everyone in town will turn on one another. With trepidation, Elsa and Emma realize Ingrid wants to get rid of everyone with the spell, but she will spare them so they'll be the "perfect family" with her.

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In a deal with Mr. Gold, Ingrid tells him the last thing needed to be free of the dagger 's control and he returns the three ribbons. As Emma's powers spiral beyond her control, she asks Mr.

Gold for a solution to be free of her powers. Needing more magic in the sorcerer's hat , which is key for retaining his powers after being free of the dagger, he tricks her into meeting at a manor, where her magic will be stripped. Interfering with Ingrid's ploy to put one of the ribbons on Emma, Mr. Gold temporarily traps her with the urn 's ashes. Emma, with Elsa's encouragement, keeps her magic, and both learn to fully accept their powers. Unknown to them, this triggers the ribbons into appearing on their wrists. Their powers are then harnessed and absorbed into Ingrid's ribbon.

As she gleefully tells Mr. Gold, there is now enough magic to defeat even him.

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Following a spiteful exchange of words, Ingrid shatters her mirror with the ribbon's power, unleashing the spell on Storybrooke. Before the curse touches Storybrooke's residents, Belle reveals a counter spell can made with the hair of someone who has already been under Ingrid's spell. Since Anna fits the criteria, Emma and Elsa use a locator spell on a necklace to track her down.

They reach a mine-cave in, and with the revelation that a counter spell can be created with the necklace, which is embedded with mirror dust. Instead of sacrificing the necklace, Elsa turns over a pouch full of rocks and uses the pendant to continue locating Anna. Using the power of the wishing star , she finds Anna. However, the nuns, who were creating the counter spell, disappear after being absorbed into a hat by Hook on Mr. Gold's orders.

With no counter spell, the curse infiltrates the town. As mirror shards rain down from the sky, pieces of them invade everyone's eyes.

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Anna, due to already being under Ingrid's curse once before, remains unaffected. Elsa and Emma, protected by the ribbons, are also immune. On-Screen Notes As the spell works on people's hearts, people without their hearts in their bodies are immune to the spell's effects. Popular Culture In the original fairytale , the troll mirror is shattered accidentally.

The mirror shards fall from the skies with its smaller pieces entering people's eyes and hearts and making them see the worst in everything. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article focuses on the spell. For the Season Four episode, see " Shattered Sight ". Contents [ show ].

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Before First Curse. Once freed, Ingrid seeks out Gerda's daughters, Elsa and Anna , as her new family. However, while Elsa has inherited ice powers like her, Anna is completely ordinary.

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  6. Thus, Ingrid deems her the "odd woman out" and vows to find someone else to take her place. When her first attempt to drive the two sisters apart fails, Ingrid shackles Anna before she can reseal her in the urn.

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    Hide away in the darkness forever, or let love in. Castles on the Sand Shattered Castles. The pain she feels when her mother ignores her completely. The pain her best friend endures as her parents starve her as punishment. The pain of a dangerous boy whose mother has to be carried away by law enforcement on a regular basis. But when a mysterious man claiming to be her long lost brother appears with promises of relieving her suffering, trusting him could reveal more truths than Madison is ready for.

    Love in Darkness (Shattered Castles, #2) by E.M. Tippetts

    Because the truth can hurt, too. Emily Mah Tippetts writes romance under the name E. Tippetts and science fiction and fantasy under the name Emily Mah. Originally from New Mexico, she now lives in London with her family. Before she was a published author, she was an attorney who specialized in real estate, contracts, and estate planning, especially literary estate planning. Author Social Media Links:.

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    Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2) Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2)
    Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2) Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2)
    Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2) Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2)
    Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2) Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2)
    Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2) Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2)
    Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2) Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2)
    Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2) Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2)
    Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2) Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2)
    Love In Darkness (Shattered Castles Book 2)

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