Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story)

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Trina rushed out of her home, literally jumping into my arms. It was the same each time I visited. I had once asked her why she tackled me every time I visited, like she had not seen me in a year. She told me that no one knew the future and this could be the last time she saw me. After my routine tackle, we went inside to catch up. We spent the night talking about what had happened since our last visit. Gradually, I told her of my plans. I live with Mom and Dad, and it is time I get on with my life. Trina got up and went to her closet.

I knew what was in THAT closet. She was going to consult her spirit guides. Trina always did this on major decisions. She told me that the spirits would guide us in the right direction. Grabbing a small bag that contained her spirit stones, she came back to the table. Pouring them on the table, she leaned forward to look at the message. She sat there staring at them for a minute. But when I get my mind set on something, there is no changing it. I didn't want to upset her, so I remained silent.

Trina remained solemn about the subject. Every time I tried to speak to her of it, she would clam up or change the subject. It got so annoying that I just dropped it. I knew she would not go with me to the realtor. The next morning I drove to meet the local realtor. After inquiring about the price and other bids, I was pleased to find out that no one had made a bid. The price was right in my range. I was so excited that I bid on it right then and there, and to make a long story short, my bid was accepted.

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Now, it was up to me to get the funding, but I was going to celebrate first. The next day was Mardi Gras, fat Tuesday, and I was going to go. All the time I visited Trina, I have never been to the celebration. I had always wanted to go, but never did.

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Rushing back to Trina's, I told her to get ready. We were celebrating. Not wanting to know why, she rushed inside to change, and we made our way to Bourbon St. The parades and crowds were overwhelming. It was so much to take in. I watched drunk girls lift their shirts and flash drunk men, all for some plastic beads to take home and put on their rear view mirrors.

Laughing, I had a brilliant idea. I was going to do something totally out of character for me. Grabbing Trina's hand, I rushed up to the edge of the parade. I reached for the end of my shirt, and without thinking about it, I pulled it and my bra all the way up. I could feel the cold air surround my full breasts. It was so cold that my chill bumps rose on my boobs, as my nipples puckered. I heard a lot of whooping and hollering and felt beads strike me in the chest. Hurriedly pulling my shirt down, I grabbed my beads and ran into the nearest pub, where it was warm.

Trina, close behind me, burst into the pub, laughing. I have a good feeling. I am happy. You name it!

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I was laughing and playing, like I was drunk, but I had not had a single drop of liquor in ages. We ordered some drinks. I had made up my mind that I was going to get tipsy tonight. You puttin off some good vibes t'night. Don you know what you look like?

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We sat in silence for awhile, waiting on our drinks and fries. I may be family with one of the most Cajun of women, but I could not bring myself to eat crawdads. There are certain things I just couldn't do. Someone walked up to our table. The realtor from earlier today greeted me. I introduced Jaxson to Trina. Jaxson St. Trina, for the first time in her life, blushed.

Erotic Horror Stories

Jaxson, or Jax, shook her hand. I could tell she liked him, a lot. Apparently, he must have liked her, too. They hit it off and spent the rest of the evening talking. I didn't feel left out, though. I was happy for her, and the night passed by quickly. We had too much to drink and needed to get home. Jax offered to give us a ride home, saving us costly cab fare.

Trina sat up front with him, and I crawled into the back seat.

I knew better than to drink when I had no boyfriend. Liquor went straight to my clit every time, and it seemed that I was a bit of a voyeur. Sitting in the backseat, I was able to observe the two up front, unnoticed. They were getting pretty friendly, and I don't blame them. Jax was hot! Tall, with bright blue eyes, Jax sported a well built body. Out of his suit, you would not know that he was an office worker.

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Broad shoulders tapered down to a narrow waist. Dark blonde hair contrasted his dark complexion. He was all around attractive, just not my type. They must have forgotten about me in the back seat, because when Jax stopped the car in front of Trina's flat, he pulled her close for a toe curling kiss. Trina melted into his arms. I was far enough to stay out of their way, but close enough to watch his tongue wrestle with hers. I could hear each moan and sigh. Seeing him nibble on her full bottom lip, I watched her gasp and touch her tongue to his upper lip.

She traced his mouth with her pink tongue. I was not the only being kissed, but I certainly was sharing in this seduction.

Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story) Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story)
Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story) Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story)
Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story) Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story)
Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story) Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story)
Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story) Mirror Me (An Erotic Ghost Story)

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