Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’

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    The song has been heard by many people as "Froggie Went a-Courtin ' " in the Tom and Jerry cartoon Pecos Pest , which uses a version arranged and performed by Shug Fisher , in character as "Uncle Pecos. It is an improvised version with many lyrics that are unintelligible, and many changed.

    For example, he stutters and gives up when he tries to say " hickory tree" and says "way down yonder by the He also mentions while continuing the music "That's the hard part right in there, n-n-n-n-nephew! Some refer to this song as "Crambone", as it is repeated at the end of many lines and said more clearly than the other words in this version.

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    Fisher, in character as Pecos, delivers the coda with a glottal stutter on the letter c. Woody Guthrie 's version used "Hey-hey", and Bob Dylan 's version used "uh-huh" in the same way after several lines. The song has been recorded by Woody Guthrie , Pete Seeger , and many others. Folk singer Burl Ives performed perhaps the most well-known and kid-friendly version, in which Frog and Miss Mousie are wed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a traditional English folk song.

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      Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’ Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’
      Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’ Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’
      Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’ Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’
      Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’ Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’
      Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’ Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’
      Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’ Mr. Meany Goes A-Courtin’

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