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I can give you my answer today, but tomorrow it might be different. Top five, books or series:. The Amber chronicles first five books. I added some of them to my books list. Anyways, cheers! Yes to The Gray House! It was definitely the most pleasant surprise on my reading list this year. The characters and the house are so well drawn that by the end they were like a familiar tune in my head. I enjoyed it when I read it, but as my list of read books grows, the further it falls in my esteem. It's the grandfather of the genre, but I feel like the genre has come so far since it was written.

Of source this is only my opinion though.

  • Parlous Passion: Cautionary Short Stories of Impulse, Obsession, Danger and Remorse.
  • Bereft.

The Gormenghast Trilogy, by Mervyn Peake. It's a miracle of style and invention. I haven't read any Peake yet, but that put him on my radar. Second time I have seen this series mentioned in this thread. Picked up the first book and will have to give it a go to see what I have been missing.

It's part of the Wheel of Time series which Brandon Sanderson finished after the author passed away. This month, we look at fantasy. We reviewed some fun sites: BestFantasyBooks. In no particular order, here are the top 25 fantasy books of all time. One ring rules them all. The Dark Lord put all of his powers in One Ring that was taken from him. After years in Middle-earth, Bilbo Baggins ends up with the ring.

After he reaches his eleventy-first year, he disappears, and the ring becomes the property of Frodo, his cousin. Thus starts the epic quest to destroy the ring and everything it stands for. The land where children tumble out of a wardrobe, a secret country where only Lucy, Peter, Susan, and Edmund are known. Lucy finds it first, followed by Edmund and the others.

There they discover magic and Aslan, the Great Lion. And it changes their lives forever. What would happen if characters in a fantasy world grew up and discovered they had modern anxieties and problems? What would be the best job for a troll in the city?


The Colour of Magic explores the answers to questions everyone has but is afraid to ask about fantasy heroes. Fitz is born a bastard of royal blood with a magical link to animals called Wit. When he is eventually adopted into the royal household, he must give up his link to animals and embrace a new way of living and being—he trains to become a royal assassin. Locke Lamora dodges death, slavery, and more only to fall in the hands of a con artist known as Chains.

A coming-of-age story in a fantasy world, The Name of the Wind tells the story of a young man who grows to become a notorious wizard. With beginnings that start in a troupe of traveling players, Kvothe finally enters a school of magic.

Damien Rice - My Favourite Faded Fantasy (H.Q)

Plenty of high action and adventure turns Kvothe into a fugitive sought for murder. But then she meets the queen dragon, forming a quick and strong bond. Dragons and their riders must protect the planet Thread, but at what price? The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. As the Wheel of Time continues to turn, Ages come and go leaving behind legends that fade to myth, which is long forgotten. Now, what was, what is, and what will be can fall under the Shadow. Abercrombie combines an unlikely cast of characters: a philosophical Barbarian who abhors killing, a dashing hero afraid to fight, and a crippled torturer who has a heart of gold.

This unlikely cast, coupled with an interesting plot and a wizard, treads a line between hero and villain that may cost them everything. An epic fantasy where mystical swords and suits of armor transform ordinary men into invincible warriors, kingdoms are won and traded for Shardblades. An interesting cast of characters from around the fantasy world fight their own battles, sometimes with motives less than pure. The fantasy world of Malazan is full of discontent thanks to innumerable wars, bitter infighting, and gory confrontations.

But her rule is absolute, enforced by her dreaded Claw assassins. As the Empress turns her site to new battles, the gods themselves are getting ready for a little interference.

Why The Hobbit is my favorite fantasy book.

Roland Deschain of Gilead is the Last Gunslinger. He is a mysterious figure on a quest through a desolate fantasy world in pursuit of the man in black. Roland is a good man, yet he leaves death in his wake. The man in black, on the other hand, can bring the dead back to life. Ged is the greatest sorcerer in all Earthsea, but he was called Sparrowhawk in his youth. It was as Sparrowhawk that the terrible shadow was loosed upon the world. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.

Over pages of world-building, Jonathan Strange and Mr.

All-Time Favorite Fantasy Books for Tweens and Teens | Brightly

Norrell tells the tale of English magicians who have lost their ability to perform magic. That is, until a reclusive magician regains some powers. He is soon in demand for his powers and all is fine until a rival magician shows up—Jonathan Strange. Lyra rushes to the cold North where witch clans and armored bears rule—and where Gobblers take children, including her friend Roger. Can she make a difference in this great and terrible endeavor? Can Eragon take up the fight of the legendary Dragon Riders? Thrust into a world of destiny, magic, and power, Eragon realizes the fate of the empire may rest in his hands.

She needs help—and more. Will Richard find the courage to challenge those who hold dominion? In The Once and Future King , a young lad called "Wart" comes under the tutelage of Merlyn the wizard to create an amazing future. Wart will ally himself with the greatest knights of the realm, love a legendary queen, and unite a country under chivalrous values.

He will be Arthur, King of the Britons. In the Kingdom of Isles, to the forest on the shore comes an orphan, Pug, to study with the magician, Kulgan. He may have won the heart of the lovely Princess, but normal wizardry leaves him cold. However, his strange magic may save two worlds from dark beings who open space-time to begin again an old battle between Order and Chaos.

Jorg Ancrath, who was once a privileged royal child raised by a loving mother, has become the Prince of Thorns, an immoral boy who leads a band of outlaws. I always consciously or sub-consciously compared any future stories to this series. I still have those books somewhere. It always annoyed me that I was never able to find the same publishing format of the books, my copy of Taran Wanderer is about an inch wider than the rest, and has a different style of artwork on the cover that I liked less than the others.

I was so entranced by this series that I even tried my hand at making an adventure game based on it, using my Commodore 64 , and a piece of software called The Adventure Construction Set. I think the plot of the Disney movie was actually more like the plot from the first book The Book of Three and not the second book that was actually titled The Black Cauldron. Another interesting bit — in one of the Amazon reviews, someone mentioned that Gurgi was a main character in the Disney Gummi Bears series, and that Taran and Eilonwy showed up from time to time.

The Chronicles of Prydain was possibly the perfect entry for a young child like myself to be introduced to Fantasy worlds. I remember being really sad when the final book ended, but at the same time feeling pretty good somehow yeah, it was one of those endings. Hi JG!

Maybe if they can make it as a movie series, this would be another hit. Hi Francoise, I suspect after the commercial failure of the Disney movie, Hollywood may not see it as viable. However, once they run out of ideas again they might get back around to this series lol. Thanks for your comment!

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I have such a hard time finding good series for my 16 yr old son and this is right up his alley. One Christmas present done. I love fantasy books! Diana Wynne Jones is really good, her books are amazing.

My Favorite Fantasy Story My Favorite Fantasy Story
My Favorite Fantasy Story My Favorite Fantasy Story
My Favorite Fantasy Story My Favorite Fantasy Story
My Favorite Fantasy Story My Favorite Fantasy Story
My Favorite Fantasy Story My Favorite Fantasy Story
My Favorite Fantasy Story My Favorite Fantasy Story
My Favorite Fantasy Story My Favorite Fantasy Story

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