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Show all 38 episodes. Carla Niven. Dalit Zirin. Show all 6 episodes. Emily Adams. Show all 10 episodes. Cate Cassidy. Show all 26 episodes. Murphy - Old Times Daria Wade. Liz Parker. Show all 61 episodes. Cynthia voice. Lori Lansford scenes deleted. Fairy 1.

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Jess uncredited. Molly Harris. Debbie Lavender. Mary Frances - Age Kid 1. Marsha Age The idea for Shiri came from a group of Israeli artists and musicians, led by Ariel Horovitz, an Israeli singer-songwriter who followed in the footsteps of his late mother, the renowned vocalist, Naomi Shemer.

The National Library of Israel enters the music business with a new app for Israeli songs

Horovitz had an idea for a digitized radio system that would allow listeners to select any Israeli song of their choosing, and also provide valuable exposure for young Israeli musicians, who have a harder time accessing radio bandwidth. Horovitz and a group of musicians partnered with the library. Feb 8, Rating: 2. Mar 19, Rating: C- Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews May 23, Sanity Assassin!

Aug 29, Hollywood action blockbuster, made in Korea. You will feel the strong influence of 90's Hollywood action flicks, just set in a Korean setting with Korean actors.

You have your Hollywood staples; Doomsday bomb, rogue unit with questionable motives, countdown timer, troops with questionable aim. So, the question is, how does Shiri compare to the American blockbuster? The answer is, quite well. The film takes a definite shift in tone at The Big Reveal which I predicted quite early.

ירקתי לו על הפרצוף!! אתגר הצחקת= קפצת

Both halves of the film are quite entertaining, and the ending is poetic. I wish Park's motives had been a little better established, but I'm probably expecting too much from a Hollywood; sorry, Korean action flick.

Perence Shiri

Nice action, good special effects, and a surprisingly solid story with some nice twists and turns. I like how the action is able to slow down at times to allow us more attachment to the main characters. Recommended viewing for action fans. Curt C Super Reviewer.

Mar 20, A great script with a few twists and a great ending. Anthony V Super Reviewer. Dec 01, A fish that can be found in both North and South Korean fresh-water streams. A pretty appropriate title for this film. You'll understand if you watch it. Min-Sik Choi gives a nice monologue about it during the film as well. Now I have seen many Hong Kong films of this type, but what this film has on all of those, excluding Johnnie To films, is a good story.

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It moves quite slowly, as to try and build up the characters, but it becomes a little boring at some points. Luckily, the second half of the film is much better. The action picks up and the story unfolds, leading to a pretty good ending.

The fish concept for this film is also a unique touch. It is really nice to see Min-sik Choi and Kang-ho Song on opposite sides of the law. The shootouts are actually pretty good, especially the one that starts in the auditorium, but the shaky camera work takes away from them a bit.

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I know this is a technique used in these types of situations, but it isn't that successful here. Should you find the time to watch this film, I would say go ahead. JY S Super Reviewer.

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