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Since my cribba I am probably the last Goodreads member to read a Fredrik Backman novel. Good thing I did because now I am excited to have four more Backman novels to look forward to. The book has been dinged by several reviewers as being unrealistic. Well, yeah, maybe, but sometimes that little sore point can be overlooked—like with this book. By that point I even thought it might be possible for the tale to wring 4 stars out of me. The plot is unique and really quite profound. There are specific reasons for Granny to do this. The task is not easy for Elsa, but it turns out to be seriously rewarding.

The characters are diverse, very sympathetic, and memorable. Major points for that.


I am not going to say anything else about the plot or the characters as this one is best going in cold if at all possible. Let the story come to you. Props to the artist of the cover and to whoever came up with the title—both are perfect. This is a heartfelt and profoundly touching novel. By the time I finished the epilogue, I had tears in my eyes, I was missing Elsa and Granny something fierce, and this book had earned all the stars and a spot on my list of top ten reads of View all 55 comments.

What have I read here? A delightful take on life? A sensitive take on grief? A wise take on relationships?

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Perhaps all of it. And more. At the centre of this book, is an almost -eight-years old, Elsa. When her best and quirky friend, her grandmother, leaves her a series of letters upon her death to be delivered to their intended receivers, she sets onto a thrilling journey of discoveries. What was the primary purpose of the letters you ask?

You guessed it. To say sorry.

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Among Elsa's neighbours are eccentric chatterboxes and drunken workaholics, weird hounds and mysterious lurkers. Her mother is her punch-bag over teen issues if Elsa can be called a teen that is and her Dad is her word collector who can stand everything except a grammatically incorrect sentence.

Well, mostly. Wading through this motley hoard of people, Elsa embarks on a voyage of her own, fumbling on realities at every step and growing wiser with every revelation.

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Reading quality literature like the Harry Potter series comes handy. And so does listening to and reminiscing Granny's fairy tales. After all, she is the Knight in the Land-of-Almost-Awake! He possesses a deceptively easy style of narration but one is taken aback by the substance he packs in his one-liners. Never mess with someone who has more spare time than you do. Its strange how close love and fear live to each other. It appears as if Backman leaned on many a poles and watched people battle their demons in routine life - just how some transformed into the fiercest warriors under chaotic spells but were sorely defeated by the toothless, simple, predictable plateau of life.

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  7. And why everyone, irrespective of their positions on the axis of life, needed attention. We want to be loved; failing that, admired; failing that, feared; failing that, hated and despised. At all costs, we want to stir up some sort of feeling in others. Our soul abhors a vacuum. The strength of Backman's narrative rests on his seamless switching between hilarity and sombreness, keeping the sensibilities of his characters away from dilution.

    So when a child and a war soldier look at the same issue and engage in a long discussion, their respective identities and backgrounds stand beside them like faithful sentries. That both can still reach a common ground is the beauty of this book. This work is a magnificent ode to humanity and the many virtues that guard it from losing its sheen.

    It's a subtle but strong call to dream, to imagine, to protect, to persevere, to sing, to dance, to fly, to fall yet to stand, to encourage, to fight for the right cause, to love, to forgive; in other words, to live. Nothing is a shame, even believing in superheroes, if it eventually adds up to the good in this world. View all 42 comments. This was a tough one to bear after loving Ove sooooo much. Sure, I liked Elsa well enough, 7 going on 8, and Granny was pretty amazing, but the constant reverting to fairytale land made this such a disappointment for me, I was ready to ditch it several times.

    There was a story to be told but with too many distractions; too many things to NOT like along the way.

    On the audio, read with a nice British accent, I couldn't be sure of any spellings or obviously of my hearing ; so please bear with me This was a tough one to bear after loving Ove sooooo much. On the audio, read with a nice British accent, I couldn't be sure of any spellings or obviously of my hearing ; so please bear with me here while I complain. And upfront I tell you who loved this book that I am sorry.

    Cprd granny dances With a New Drum Program spread by Jody Gilbert - Issuu

    Because I did not. The Kingdom of Miamas I swear sounded to me like Myalis, which sounds like a prescription drug for erectile dysfunction in my non-fantasy world. The animal which I guess was just a big dog but never called a dog sounded like it was called a Worse or Worser reminding me of Wrong and Wronger ala Alec Baldwin. After digging around some, I find it was Wurse and Wurses, but I don't think that's an actual word. Very dangerous. Little Elsa, 7 going on 8, was more like 7 going on Much too smart and worldly for 7 going on 8, no matter how much she used Wikipedia.

    There were many little similarities with Ove's story, but copying from a previous success does not another success make. I think this should have been marketed to kids around 7 going on 8, so it would never have crossed my path. But then looking at everyone else's ratings, there's something definitely wrong with me and most likely my hearing. View all 28 comments. Jul 22, Luffy rated it really liked it. This has been on my shelf since It's about time I read it. There is a strong vibe of C. Lewis and his Wardrobe. There are ideas copied from Roald Dahl likewise.

    I still think the book is very polished. Elsa is 7 years old and her only friend is her grandmother. What happens to them and why the title is so? Read the book and find out for yourselves. There have been moments when I didn't want to take the book and read. But then there have been instances where I couldn This has been on my shelf since But then there have been instances where I couldn't put the book down.

    The non magical bits are stark, if not outright somber. In the end the author tries to distance himself from Dahl and Lewis, and succeeds in that too. View all 9 comments. I seem to have ageist issues with this author's books.

    Study Guide: The Dancing Granny Study Guide: The Dancing Granny
    Study Guide: The Dancing Granny Study Guide: The Dancing Granny
    Study Guide: The Dancing Granny Study Guide: The Dancing Granny
    Study Guide: The Dancing Granny Study Guide: The Dancing Granny
    Study Guide: The Dancing Granny Study Guide: The Dancing Granny
    Study Guide: The Dancing Granny Study Guide: The Dancing Granny

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