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Archived from the original on 10 June Sherlock Holmes Handbook: Second Edition. Dundurn Press. Retrieved 12 December Arthur Conan Doyle 's Sherlock Holmes. Canon Adaptations Popular culture. Sherlock Holmes Dr. List of cases List of investigators. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Front cover of the first edition.

Arthur Conan Doyle

Detective fiction short stories. The Sign of the Four. The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes at Wikisource.

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In disguise, Holmes witnesses Adler marry the man she truly loves, then by means of an elaborate stratagem discovers the photograph's hiding place. But when Holmes and the king return to retrieve the photo, they find Adler has fled the country with it, leaving behind a letter for Holmes and a portrait of herself for the King. The king allows Holmes to retain the portrait as a souvenir.

After eight weeks, he was suddenly informed that the job ended.

After some investigation at Wilson's shop, Holmes contacts a police inspector and the manager of a nearby bank. With Watson, they hide in the bank vault and catch two thieves who had dug a tunnel from the shop while Wilson was at the decoy copying job. September Against the wishes of her stepfather, Mary Sutherland has become engaged to Hosmer Angel. On the morning of their wedding Hosmer elicits a promise that Mary will remain faithful to him "even if something quite unforeseen" occurs, then mysteriously disappears en route to the church.

Holmes deduces that Hosmer was Mary's stepfather in disguise, the charade a bid to keep Mary a spinster and thus maintain access to her inheritance. Holmes does not reveal the truth to Mary because "There is danger for him who taketh the tiger cub, and danger also for whoso snatches a delusion from a woman"; he had already advised her to put the matter behind her, though she responded that Hosmer "shall find me ready when he comes back.

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McCarthy, and another local landowner, John Turner, are both Australian expatriates , and Lestrade was originally engaged by Turner's daughter, Alice, who believes James is innocent. Holmes interviews James, and then inspects the scene of the murder, deducing a third man was present.

A Sherlock Holmes Adventure: A Scandal in Bohemia Audiobook

Realising Holmes has solved the case, Turner confesses to the crime, revealing that McCarthy was blackmailing him due to Turner's criminal past. Holmes does not reveal the crime, but secures James's release because of the presence of a third person at the crime scene. John Openshaw tells Holmes that in his uncle died two months after receiving a letter inscribed "K.

Holmes tells him to do as the letter asks and leave a diary page, which Holmes deduces is connected to the Ku Klux Klan , on the garden sundial. Openshaw is killed before he can do so, but Holmes discovers the killers have been travelling on a sailing ship, and sends the captain a letter with five orange pips.

The ship is lost at sea.

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  • Neville St. Clair, a respectable businessman, has disappeared and his wife claims she saw him at the upper window of an opium den. Rushing upstairs to the room she found only a beggar who denied any knowledge of St. The beggar is arrested, but a few days later St. Clair's wife receives a letter from her husband. Holmes concludes, then proves, that the beggar is actually St.

    Clair in disguise; he confesse that he has been leading a double life as a beggar, making more money that way than in his nominal work. Share on:. Having reviewed several other biographies of well-known authors in the last few months, it struck me that most of these wordsmiths were dedicated writers, famous for their books and little if anything else, except perhaps for the odd isolated newsworthy incident.

    Arthur Conan Doyle

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle could not have been more different. Although his name is indelibly associated with that of Sherlock Holmes, arguably the most renowned fictional detective of all, he had several careers in one. Born in Edinburgh, he grew up in relative poverty, his early years overshadowed by a talented but severely alcoholic father.

    A false start as a doctor soon went by the wayside as he discovered his gift for writing and selling short stories, though it was not until he created the phenomenon that was Holmes that he really became successful.

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    The pipe-smoking sleuth was the Harry Potter of his time, with large queues forming every time a new story was about to be published. This biography reveals how slapdash his creator was, with the stories carelessly written and riddled with inconsistencies. Conan Doyle always thought that Holmes prevented him from being taken seriously as a writer and once killed him off, claiming it was 'justifiable homicide in self-defence' on his part; 'had I not killed him, he would have killed me'.

    There were such howls of protest that his 'killer' was later obliged to bring him back to life.

    The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle
    The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle
    The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle
    The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle
    The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle
    The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle

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