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Try it sometime. I must try it sometime.

Mather nods his approval and says that he'd love to try it sometime. He added, "Not that I recommend it, but, like they say, you should try it sometime ". The Hicksville restaurant has its own version of pongal, a savory one, and maybe I'll try it sometime. Using both sides of a sheet of paper, he wrote, "I'll bet you think I'm cheap for not using two sheets," then added, "But as I've said before — all of us — the Steinbrenners that is — can squeeze blood out of a turnip — you laugh — we'll try it sometime ".

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Translation of "try it sometime" in Hebrew

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Sometime vs. Some time – How to Use Each Correctly

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Try It Sometime Try It Sometime
Try It Sometime Try It Sometime
Try It Sometime Try It Sometime
Try It Sometime Try It Sometime
Try It Sometime Try It Sometime

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